Our main aim to run this programs is to create facilitation to schools in providing safe and CONDUCIVE study environment.

We believe that the greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own…

Education Changes LIVES, and families and Communities. Kruti Foundation’s has started to roll the ball on our Education REFORM agenda.

Kruti Foundation’s work is an INVESTMENT towards enriching and enhancing the conditions at school with poor infrastructure which are struggling to offering conducive education facilities.

Kruti Foundation Incorporated, where ever possible will provide scholarship to students, renovation of the old schools and new schools constructions, Teachers training to enhance their knowledge and standard, providing school uniforms and stationary to orphan and needy students.

Kruti Foundation is all about offering support in schools & education with a desire to create a meaningful impact on lives of children. Supporting directly to education or schools or wards can help them a stable career ahead. By making these schools or wards realize their self worth, Kruti Foundation is interested to empower them well enough to make them into highly successful individuals.

The education initiatives and support that Kruti Foundation wish to offer is filled with care, support and independence that will provide kids or adults with a unique platform to tap into their unlimited potential. With the extraordinary weapon of education Kruti Foundation hopes to strengthen India by offering support society for a better future.



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