Our Women’s Reform programs are designed to empower women and make them self reliant.

Our programs are aimed to bring to women in economically depressed areas, information and courses of action which, when used in conjunction with their developed skills and knowledge, will help them to provide a healthier and more comfortable life for themselves.

Our goal is to help women in developing countries to achieve a greater degree of self-reliance so that they and their children can live in relative comfort, safety and health and help to create a society that can live in peace and harmony

In recent decades, world has experienced transformative economic growth and reform, and women have made significant advances in gender equity, political participation, and personal security.

But challenges remain: women still make up the majority of low-skilled and highly vulnerable workforce. Many countries are both the primary sources and destinations for the victims of unskilled factors, and others remain trapped in a cycle of illiteracy, poverty, or ill health, lacking the means to raise themselves and their families out of it.

Our Women’s Empowerment Programs seek to identify change agents, create new economic opportunities for women, build constituencies for reform, develop leaders, increases women’s rights and ensure their personal security.

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