We provide free or low cost treatments and awareness within underprivileged community members about health and hygiene issues.

Many deaths in poor communities are result of illnesses and diseases , which could have been PREVENTED. This unnecessary deaths and suffering are overwhelmingly caused by inappropriate health behaviors which are widespread, and the most basic of primary health care services are not accessible to a large percentage of the population.

Our health programs are designed to improve the health & communities’ behavior toward health and preventable diseases. Our health initiatives focus on enhancing the quality of life by providing preventive healthcare services at the doorsteps and creating vital linkages between the government departments and communities.

Free Check Up Of Senior Citizens, Widow, Orphan & Disable People.
Discount For all group of Community in Medical Test.

1) Free Treatment of communicable Diseases

2) Free Emergency Aid

3) Free health facility for children

4) Free Treatment of School Going Children

5) Training on Health & Hygiene

India has made rapid growth in the health sector since independence. However scenarios clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge.

While the healthcare facilities and infrastructure of rural India continue to be poor, the health status and access to health services of urban slum dwellers on the other has also surfaced to be equally deplorable. India underprivileged population also suffer from adverse health conditions due to the lack of education & awareness and second due to economic backwardness, patients are unwilling to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest medical facility.



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