Arun Samuel brings to Kruti, new concepts and synchronization between our global teams. Having worked with various charities, his experience and skills will contribute towards extending the reach of Kruti to the people with the greatest need.

Arun attained his Master’s Degree in Business Administrations and Personal Management as well as Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade from the University of Pune.

His experience while working in the Oil & Gas industry and Steel Plants & Refinery manufacturing fields took him across India, from the far North East (Tinsukia (Assam) to Gujarat and Southern India.

Arun has experienced the living conditions of people in the remote areas and this has been a great influence in his life. He has a desire to improve those conditions.

Arun is the Founder and CEO of Omega LED Lights. Although based in Sydney, his business obligations often require him to travel between the Middle East and Asian countries – further enriching his ability to learn and assimilate new ideas towards the MISSION of Kruti.

We are confident that with his support, direction and efforts, our team will achieve new heights in serving humanity.

Arun Samuel Picture

Arun Samuel : Welfare Coordinator