Prashant is a management professional and has been working for Caterpillar Dealership in Sydney Australia for over a decade.

He worked for Tata Hitachi as a Product Support Engineer in the past. He has left home at the age of 18 years of age, to take on the challenges to travel throughout India, learn our culture in depth, understand communities and explore the great world that exists within our own country.

He has travelled to the remotest places of India and due to his passion, learnt EIGHT different languages and cultures. He has passion to communicate with different cultures and understand people, their feelings and their perspective towards LIFE.

RISING to his current stature, from an under privileged family, he is aware of the drawbacks of being in such situation. He has always kept in mind where he comes from and has always tried to contribute his share back to those who are in need in the community.

He is inspired by his mother’s practices about “giving and sharing” in life.  He considers himself a LUCKY person as his wife Sudipta Ghosh Sonje, has the same perspectives and has supported him for the past 20 years.

He wants to CHANGE the big contrast in life style in communities, the inequality, discrimination and exploitation.

Prashant says “When Shekhar Mahajan told me about his brain child “Kruti Foundation” and what his future plans were, I fell in love with it , almost straight away and committed to give my efforts towards his idea. Shekhar has been one of the most inspirational people for me in the idea of giving for the right cause”

Prashant has served for a Sydney based non-profit organisation, Marathi Association Sydney in 2006 and his experience will be crucial for  Kruti Foundation to achieve its goals.

His desire to bring in change, realization and compassion towards the underprivileged people, vast understanding of people and understanding various cultural aspects towards life, and most importantly the DREAM to change the community for a BETTER TOMORROW makes Prashant Sonje a very VITAL member of our Team in Australia.


Prashant Sonje : Head-Public Relations, Australia and Asia Pacific