Randhir Singh Thind has worked tirelessly, helping the needy members in the Punjabi community for over a decade. He believes that the unique needs of our community are not met adequately through the existing networks.

He has worked in the rural regions of Punjab and arranged free marriages of several poor and needy members of the community.

His knowledge and ability to create opportunities for Kruti Foundations fund raising agenda will be very vital for our organisation.

Randhir Singh Thind also executed on his own several programmes helping the families in the under privileged community and contributed for donating winter protection clothing and blankets in rural Punjab. He is very influential in regards to executing and developing culturally appropriate programmes to meet the needs of poor people in the community.

Randhir Singh Thind has wide range of vision for delivering and to execute various reforms in aid of our community such as Violence Against women and Victims of Domestic Violence.

He is also active and responsible figure in his field where he offers his candidature for the social work Randhir Singh Thind is an Entrepreneur for over a decade and has ability to influence various operations of Kruti Foundation in Australia.

Randhir Singh Thind is an outstanding example of a person who has made a difference in helping the needy in various communities of Punjab. His perspective of looking at various social scenarios in different perspective and determination to achieve change in our society makes him a great asset for our Kruti Foundation.

Randhir Singh Thind will be in a vital role as he will be taking up the role as Head-Operations to assist the operation of our Kruti Foundation. His contribution to the team will assist all Board Members to achieve various Milestones…


Randhir Singh Thind