Our Mission

Kruti Foundation: Deeds not words, matters most!

When we first became associated with Kruti, we made a commitment to serving our community. That commitment grew over the period and now we are more committed than ever.  Kruti Foundation is something we believe strongly in, and serving the under privileged community is a vital part of Kruti’s efforts. All our members support our compassionate work by being part of activities delivered for Kruti’s local and international humanitarian efforts.

Kruti was founded by members, who believe in giving back to the society we LIVE in and who believes in touching lives of the needy people. KRUTI Foundation Incorporated is a local and international aid development organisation, which supports and assists the poor and most needy communities regardless of their gender, ethnic background, religion or nationality.

Kruti is proud to be partnering and delivering events in collaboration with organisations like Lion’s Club, Tanishka and Red Cross Society, and help people by providing assistance in the field of Kids Education Reforms, Health and Hygiene reforms and Women’s Reforms for Self-Reliance.

At a glance……

…..Kruti has helped  scores of people since its inception .. We organised free cardiac check up for over 5000 people from under privileged community during the 2014- 2015 financial year.  During 2015-2016, Kruti delivered 61 community service projects in Australia and India .