Message from VP’s Desk

This position in Kruti Foundation brings enormous responsibilities and countless challenges in delivering my VISION.

Lion Shekhar Mahajan   Vice President Kruti Foundation

Public Officer Kruti Welfare Australia Incorporated

The position in Kruti Foundation brings enormous responsibilities and countless challenges.

With the intention of  LIVING the legacy of my late father Shri Bhaskar Hari Mahajan, we took the  first step to harness the will- power, set focus and harmonise the complex mind-body towards the GOAL of making a BETTER TOMORROW for the needy.

Mr. Ghanashyam Mahajan, Our Secretary, made it possible to incorporate Kruti Foundation and it would not be possible without his support and as of 2014 Kruti Foundation is a legally constituted NGO in India.

Our work is an INVESTMENT towards enriching and enhancing the conditions at school with poor infrastructure. In future we will aim at constructing new schools. Our Health and Hygiene programmes are designed to improve the health & the community outlook toward health and preventable diseases.

Our health initiatives focus on enhancing the quality of life by providing preventive healthcare services at the doorsteps and creating vital linkages between the government departments and communities. We will in future, plan for Charitable Hospital Projects in remote cities, and focus on the mother and child care, emergency, Malaria , Dengue & infectious diseases with all-purpose general medical and surgical services as well as providing free outdoor and indoor treatment to the deserving patients.

Our Women’s Empowerment Programmes will seek to identify change agents, create new economic opportunities for women, build constituencies for reform, develop leaders, increases women’s rights and ensure their personal security. The main aim of our Women’s Reform programmes will be to combat socio economic issues and make women self reliant.

Our Charter President, Mr.Digambar Mahajan,  guided  our Board Members to achieve great milestones, such as social, educational, financial and cultural reforming and making a real DIFFERENCE in the society we live in.

I would like to thank all the members, Team AUSTRALIA and Team UAE, for their enormous support, willingness, dedication towards involvement with the VISION of Kruti Foundation.