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To care for those who once cared for us is one of the HIGHEST HONOURS!

Kruti  MediCare

Senior Citizens’ Compassionate Care and Health Reforms in underprivileged community is one of the MISSIONS of Kruti Foundation. KRUTI MEDICARE is our Philanthropy Partner in delivering it.

Kruti Foundation Incorporated also benefits immensely from services of Dr. Shraddha Mahajan and Dr Shreyas Mahajan. Kruti MediCare’s generosity makes it possible for free health checkups of Senior Citizens, a worthy contribution indeed.

Contact Details:

Dr Shreyas Mahajan : Chief Medical Officer ,Kruti MediCare


Dr.ShraddhaMahajan : Head – Health & Hygiene Reforms.

Phone Number : +91 8928636155.

We are a franchisee for MADHAVBAUG, ISO certified world’s first Cardiac rehabilitation hospital that treats heart diseases using Ayurved. If you are a heart patient and experience chest pain on exertion,  we will help to improve your heart non-surgically in just six days. The main objective of Kruti MediCare is to treat Heart diseases non-surgically with minimal invasive procedures. Kruti MediCare also assists in conducting research on fundamental and clinical aspects of Heart diseases and their treatments to develop new Ayurvedic Technology and disseminate Ayurveda to people in our country as well as provide specialized clinical and laboratory services to patients.