Mrs Vaishali Mahajan

Mrs. Vaishali Mahajan

Vaishali is a Software engineer by profession and has BCA: Bachelors Degree in Computer Application.  She has worked with one of the largest and most respected companies in India’s private sector, Larsen & Toubro. Larsen & Toubro has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology and financial services.

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Mrs. Swapna Mahajan

Mrs. Swapna Mahajan

Swapna Mahajan is a dual National of Australia and India. She is associated with operations of Australian Alliance Pty Limited in Sydney. She will be representing Kruti Foundation in Australia and will be holding the key position as The Regional Manager for Australia.

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Mr. Shekhar Mahajan

Shekhar Mahajan is part of our team in a vital role as Vice President of

Kruti Foundation Incorporated. He is a key performer in over all operation of Kruti Foundation in Australia, UAE and India. He has been a mentor to many of our Board Members with his VISION and dedication towards Kruti Foundation.

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Mr Prashant Mahajan

Prashant Mahajan

Prashant is a well-travelled person and he has come across many aspects and facts in the society which touched his heart. That created within him, a desire to make a DIFFERENCE in the society, and he got involved with Kruti Foundation.

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Mr. Kapil Mahajan

Mr Kapil is a very energetic, creative and result oriented leader. He is currently working for British Standards Institute and has moved up the rank of BUSINESS HEAD for India’s Western Region due to his sheer ability to exceed industry and customer requirements for cost, quality and responsiveness. His core concept is to Make Excellence a HABIT.

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